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Problem Making Keycard Doors in DB2 in UDMF Format

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I'm trying to create a door that only opens with the blue keycard using Doom Builder 2 in UDMF format. The edit action sub menu has no option for a door that uses the blue keycard, however. I've included an image here:

After looking at numerous video and text tutorials, I can't find a reason why the option isn't available. I'm sure I'm overlooking something, so any solutions or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Your image doesn't show.

Anyway, if you're using the UDMF ZDoom format, then you need to use a "locked door" action (either Door_LockedRaise, Generic_Door, or Door_Animated) and use the lock number corresponding to a blue card (2, 130, or 133 will all work).

Alternatively, you can use any type of door special and use the locknumber property directly on the linedef, rather than the special (same values: 2, 130, or 133).

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Thanks Gez, I appreciate it. I'll try that solution.

Edit: your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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