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Puzzling vanilla doom netplay command line problems

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So out of boredom I've written another utility for doom, that works for DOSBox similar to how my Rocket Launcher program did (thread soon). However I've been running into problems with doom failing to start when using certain combinations of command line parameters via ipxsetup, which there seems to be no pattern.

Here is an example http://i.imgur.com/ZSViA7O.png -Doom is failing to load here (yes I know there is no 11th ma in brit10, it should load doom 2 map11 anyway, regardless doing warp 1 also causes the same problem)

If I remove warp however, it works fine. In other cases, for other pwads, warp works fine, but then adding commands such as -skill <number> or -nomonsters will cause doom to fail to load.

For example, I decided to test with dm96.wad and found that specifying a skill and no monsters would cause it not to load if using deathmatch or altdeath, but under normal coop it works fine. Another example is mixing a skill and warp parameter, or -nomonsters + a warp parameter, in this case again doom will only load if running under coop.

I have no idea why Doom did not load, passing these same command lines straight to doom.exe instead causes no problems. Is there some sort of special order the parameters need to be specified? Are there certain combination of parameters and pwads that simply do not work (this is never a problem when not using any custom pwads)?

Is there anyway I can get Doom to report an error log of some kind so I know what's going on?

Thanks in advanced.

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Maybe you can put some of those options into a "response file" instead of passing them on the command line, and see if that makes any difference...

If you don't know what a "response file" is, check the example in the official DOOM/II FAQ. Filename is dmfaq66 on /idgames, but it should also be included with recent versions of the game.

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