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Happy Birthday to me! :)

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It's my birthday today once again. I'm 24 years old now.

Expect to see a special birthday surprise on the Doom Depot when it's updated today. ;)

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Herzlichen Glückstrumpf !

It's "Herzlichen Glückwünschen" or maybe the case form is wrong..?
And it basically means something along the lines of "Best wishes" or "best of luck".

Anyway: YAY! Doom Depot gets updated, yay!
Happy bday

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dies natalis laetus

(Gah, I can't believe I'm in Latin II and I STILL don't know how to make that phrase right; oh well....)

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Feliz Cumpleaño, mi amigo! Viete a beber con tu amigos, y bailar con las muchachas muy bonitas!

Translated... to ESCO SPEAK: Happy birthday, mah nigga! Go and drink wit yo boys, and dance with some beautiful little honeys!

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Captain Skippy said:

heh, the 11th was my birthday as well, heh

soo many people had their b-day, it has to be in the ten's now. Anyway, happy b-day =]

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