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Livestreaming Doom

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Tomorrow at 6pm GMT, I'm going to livestream Doom via Twitch. I want you guys to suggest mods to play or just plain old non-modded Doom if you want me to, and also which Doom (classic, not 3). I have all 4 classic Dooms so pick away.
Also links to mods would be appreciated just in case I don't already have them.

Take a look at a test I did a few minutes ago on HacX:

It's a bit buggy since it wasn't made for Zandronum, and I know there are a few video stutters here and there, but overall it's fairly watchable.

Link to my Twitch (for later, there's nothing at the moment)

In the meanwhile, go on the link in my signature for my YouTube, there's a bit of Doom in there, but mostly other random crap. (Be warned the older stuff (Older than 8 months) is fairly mediocre and shitty. Well, shittier than the new stuff.)

Top 5 mods I will definitely play:
1. Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl
2. Project MSX + Equinox
3. 1994TU
4. Congestion 1024
5. Super Skulltag

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Execution could not continue.

Script error, "projectmsx_v0.2a.pk3:actordefs/weapons/fists.txt" line 8:
"weapon.bobstyle" is an unknown actor property

This comes up on Zandronum, Skulltag, GZDoom and ZDoom.

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