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Noob help: Google Security Certificate

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I don't know what the problem is, but today when I went onto google (search) on google chrome, it was replaced with the warning saying "this site's security certificate is not trusted!" and didn't even give me the usual "proceed anyway" option. It also said "You cannot proceed because the website operator has requested heightened security for this domain." Anyone else getting this? (the "back to safety" option almost kind of insinuates I'm a twerp heading into a dark alley) And it's only for the search; google images, maps, and gmail work fine.

Someone suggested checking my system's date and clock to make sure it was still current and it is. I would be using water fox but it flaked out about half a year ago but I could always try again. Just wanted to know if there was any answers for this. I've yet to start up the forbidden browser and see if the problem is there too, but I will and report back. Thanks.

EDIT: Go figure, IE displays it fine.

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No problem here, might have been a temporary aberration with Chrome's certificate manager.

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Not happening either, but that was a minor problem compared to the one I got when I rebooted my comp after posting; I didn't know it and proceeded to be dumb struck by it but apparently the internet option "use proxy for lan" was ticked on when I never touched it before. Ran a system scan, unticked the box and everything is back to normal. I wonder what switched it on.

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