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The Postman Is My Friend

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Here are some news found in our inbox and on the forums:

Gonzalo released a deathmatch wad called 'The Guardian' and available in Dense 13 Alley.
A new version of Aardappel's Cube engine is out.
Andy Leaver is working on a new map called 'Deux Ex Machina'. Screenshots are available on his temporary page.
Varun Abhiram released a new DOOM2 level called "Short'n Quick". Here you go for yet another temporary page.
The 'Robotech TCs for Doom' have moved. The pages can now be found here.
Last, but not least, Doom3.dk has been entirely redesigned and now features user accounts and lots of other goodies to go along.

Click, download, enjoy.

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Actually the Robotech TC's haven't moved!!

It's just that there were two of them sharing the same site, and now one of them (FirstGen for EDGE) has its own site at http://firstgen.galeon.com

The other one(Robodoom for ZDoom) is still at the old address at http://robotech.mybravenet.com/

It doesn't really matter anyway because you can get from one to the other from both ends.

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