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Is There Anybody Still Working on E1M7?

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The reason I'm asking isn't out of rudeness but because the most recent updates to a large portion of Freedoom's E1 maps have left E1M7 feeling a bit unfitting in my opinion.

This isn't to say that it's bad or that it's worse than the others, just different. So, is anyone working on it? If not, I might volunteer.

Also, is there some sort of list of maps that are and aren't being worked on? I'm relatively new around these parts.

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Speaking of E1M7, last time I played it in PrBoom 2.5, it actually was unfinishable due too some bug with a door that doesn't open so you're basically stuck. It works as intended in ZDoom though, but this should be fixed if pure Boom compatibility is intended, if it isn't already (was a while since I tried it but I can't recall seeing any such changes being made to it).

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