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Hexen mapping?

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Ok, so I have not opened any editors in a long time... so I thought "hey, lets play Hexen!" so I went ahead and played some co-op with a friend of mine...

And playing through the first hub was horrible, I mean I love Hexen to bits but lets face it, the level design is not very intuitive or new player friendly. My friend had no idea what was going on or where to go.. (this could partially be because I whizzed ahead of him, but even so).

So after that I decided "Hey, maybe I should try my hand at Hexen mapping, I mean it can't be much harder than doom mapping can it?" Well, it is similar... however I found my self wanting to use some custom textures like I would from doom, so I downloaded Gothictx because it seemed like a nice fit... but all the textures were garbled, and I then remembered that Hexen has a different pallet than doom; whoops.

So long story short, I want to know if there is an easy way to make a map for Hexen yet use doom color pallet and textures. Thanks in advance!

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An alternative you might consider is using Slade's "Convert to..." option (under "Gfx" in the right-click mouse menu) to re-map patches to Hexen's palette.

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Remapping the textures would be a lot simpler than remapping all the sprites, textures, and other graphics from the Hexen IWAD. Oh, and by the way, this is especially true since Hexen has twice as many palettes in its PLAYPAL as Doom (28 instead of 14) since it has a lot more palette effects (mostly from using the superweapons). So Doom's PLAYPAL in Hexen? Bad idea. Of course you can use SLADE to generate the full palette range, but really it's better to remap the gothic textures.

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Thank you two for the replies, and yeah I worded it wrong; what I should have said was "is there an easy way to map for Hexen yet get the support of custom doom resources easily?" and by that I mean custom textures and sprites...

Sorry about that. I was just kind of hoping some one had already done this... I guess ill have to try converting the textures, though it just seems like a bad way to do it, because if I want people to play the level they will have to download a separate texture pack. (+ I haven't even looked at the *.txt file to see if I can use those textures in this way, I mean Modifying them to suit my needs.)

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Macro11_1 said:

I haven't even looked at the *.txt file to see if I can use those textures in this way, I mean Modifying them to suit my needs.

Looks like you can so long as the disclaimer from Gothictx.txt is included in your wad's text file, though IANAL.

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