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Map09 bug

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I have noticed a bug in Map09 when playing on DoomLegacy with -opengl. I was wondering if any other ports are having any similar bug.
Right now, I don't know if the bug is in the WAD or DoomLegacy.

It does not appear for software rendering, but only in OpenGL.
This is the only spot and the only time I have seen something like this so I suspect the WAD.
DoomLegacy -opengl has had similar problems with some of the sector tricks such as the self-referencing sectors that appear in the Boom demo wad.

To see the problem area requires the latest Map09 Rev 11 (3/11/2013) which is not in the released DoomLegacy.
Enter Map09, goto the mine pit (west), go down (right) into the northern shallow pit before the new pusher mine machine. This version has four new tunnels (2 to the east, 2 to the west) that have been backfilled with mine tailings. If you do not see four tunnel entrances then you have an older version of Map09.

Of the four, only the south-western one shows HOM for all walls, floor, and ceiling of the first sector into the tunnel.
(Sector 707 on Map09 Rev11) It is the same sector for all four tunnel entrances, but only the south-western one shows HOM.

I cannot see anything wrong with the sector at the tunnel entrance.
Maybe a different editor than Yadex would show something.
PrBoom has no problem.
DoomLegacy -opengl shows HOM at the tunnel entrance sector.
DoomLegacy -native has no problem.

Thanks for any help.

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I'm not entirely sure exactly which part of the map you are talking about, it would help if you could say for example rough coordinates where you were standing and what direction to look in. I think you were talking about standing around sector 711, looking east, say around where the trooper, thing 189, is positioned, at (-1136, 1392).

I put the map through Yadex's various checking functions and they all passed - well you probably did the same yourself - so it would seem there's no obvious problem with the sectors. I also had a brief look around in my prboom-based engine, but it only has software mode and I didn't see anything untoward.

It could be a node builder error, I'm not sure which node builder you use but I would try a few different ones. Other than that, if the problem only shows up in one engine, and only in the GL mode of that engine, I would probably have to suspect the engine rather than the map.

Sorry I can't be more helpful...

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The sector and linedef numbers vary with each version, and there
are 11 versions of that map that I have submitted.

You had the right tunnel but are at the wrong end of it (and it is filled in).
Try the trooper thing# 184.

Stand in sector 99 at (80,1450) and look WEST.
The problem sector is 707.
This problem sector appears in all four tunnel entrances, but only one of those entrances (South-west) has HOM.

Zennode node builder was used.
I looked with Yadex. I was hoping some other editor might give a clue.
I checked with prboom. It is the other ports that I do not know about.

The HOM looks like some of those self-referencing sectors that are in the Boom demo wad. Prboom handles those but not DoomLegacy -opengl.
But I cannot see how it ended up being a self-referencing sector.
That is the only other place where I have seen similar, and I am constantly playing wads using DoomLegacy.
I could easily modify the sector and it would likely go away, but I think I need to know the cause of this.

Thanks for looking.

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I think I have resolved this.

Moving one of the vertex of that sector makes the HOM go away,
so it is not a self-referencing sector effect.

Changing a test for the same vertex to use a (diff < .4999) test instead of equality also has made the HOM go away. I am going with this fix and will leave Map09 as it is (for now).

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