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Perfected Doom 3

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Just thought I'd share this find with the community.


I'm running an i5 and 1gb vram nvidia and I can play this mod to Doom 3 quite well.

It does SO much more than enhanced graphics though. It provides a third person shooter camera angle, alternative shooting modes, shoulder mounted light, double barrel shotgun and an overhauled monster fighting system.

With this mod even basic Zombies are real threats.. no more killing zombies with 3 bullets.. now they take between 2 and 24 bullets (I'm still trying to figure out their weak spots, it appears shooting them in the head works best).

I've seen some Classic Doom monsters appear as well such as the invisible pinky.

If anyone is playing Doom 3 right now and is finding it too easy then you gotta check this mod out. It's awesome.

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Jesus I managed to f up the exe location with the wrong file and now I can't change it back to the correct DOOM3BFG.exe file. How do I fix this? Wanna try this mod real bad. The patches seems to be hard to DL, I only get to the info page.

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Are you using the Doom 3 BFG edition? I only used mine for the Regular Doom 3, not BFG so I don't know if it actually works with the BFG version or not.

What I did to get this to work with my Doom 3 is I just dropped the contents of the main into my Doom 3 directory, for me it was, C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Doom 3. Then I put the patch contents into C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Doom 3\Perfected (again, yours will be different).

Then I booted Doom 3 and chose Perfected Doom 3 from the Mods toolbar on the main menu.

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Yes I'm using the BFG edition and I don't think it will work with it. When I try to install Doom 3 on Desura it takes me to Steam and the buy page for the regular Doom 3. Crap. I'll try this with the original game instead. Thanks.

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