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How to make Zdoom FOV Change permanently?

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I'm trying to permanently set my FOV to 120, however, I have to always open the console and add "FOV 120" manually everytime I start a level.

Is there anyway in the ini or other menu that I may have missed that will allow me to permanently set a FOV?

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FOV is always reset to 90 when starting a new game or loading a save.

But you can always bind a key to "fov 120" with the console so it becomes less tedious.

bind f "fov 120"

Then just press f when starting a game.

Alternatively, you could brute-force the hard way about it and make use of the FOV functions. Define a new player class, and replace all Doom weapons with weapons that set the FOV to 120 by messing around with A_ZoomFactor.

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You can use autoexec.cfg to make it a permanent setting. This file will execute some console commands at startup.

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