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prboom-plus -viddump output

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I'm new to this so I'm kinda whinging it and trying a bunch of different things out of desperation.

I don't really have any good computers but I want to get some demo recordings + commentary up on youtube, and from what I've read, using PrBoom-plus's -viddump command is a great way to do it.

I've had a lot of trouble doing it, but eventually got something up and running after doing Andy Oliviera's AVI output with ffmpeg.exe because I intend on editing these videos. PrBoom-plus outputs a super huge avi file that won't run with Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker, but I've had success using a program called Format Factory to convert them over to a different video format such as MP4 that's significantly smaller.

Things have been good so far except that some of my demos are close to 20 minutes or longer and end up being as large as 8GB, even on low resolutions. These files take forever to convert and sometimes never finish. Some of my larger videos stall during the conversion process or simply don't start.

I'm contemplating simply finding a different converter program to use but I'm getting sick of haplessly downloading things and not being sure of the results. Is there a way that Prboom-plus can output a smaller video file for me to work with?

I don't need sound or music. It's okay if the video isn't completely lossless, but I would like at least doom's 35 frame rate. The resolution can be small too. I'm sick of working with these giant files. Is there some kind of alternative output format or encoding process or something that will make smaller videos?

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At the end of the prboom+ usage.txt file it outlines how to change the parameters it feeds to ffmpeg/h264 and mkvmerge. The default commands don't seem to specify bitrate so I would guess it's using raw uncompressed frames which is why you're getting huge files. I would start by trying to get it to compress while recording, although this will make recording much slower.

Using a different converter program can sometimes work, but usually does nothing as they're all shells over ffmpeg, h264, mencoder, vlc, avisynth, etc. Find what codecs and containers Windows Movie Maker supports and get prboom+ to output something that doesn't need converting.

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I see you tried low resolution.
Will the video file be smaller if you record it in a window ??

You could record a demo in a normal size window, then change to 320,200 windowed video mode and play the demo while recording the video.

Have never tried this, so just guessing. I suspect it will be the same.

Video compression is one of those cpu hogging processes that cannot run at video recording speeds on normal hardware. Unless you have a video box doing the compressing, it is going to have to be a post-processing step or ineffective compression.

One thought is to record in segments. Record up to a point, then save game. You can restore the save game and keep recording.
The save game points can be edited out later in video post-processing (assuming you have a video editor).

Could ethernet two machines together, play on one, send video to the other and have it do the compression. A local ethernet probably could keep up with that. The compression program probably still would not be able to keep up. I have heard of using four machines compressing alternate frames to do this, but that requires some net software that I do not think is readily available.

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I don't think that the prboom viddump feature is suitable for live recording. it's better for converting already recorded demos to videos. but you could try other codecs and/or settings. x264 has a fast lossless mode (crf=0) and utvideo is another fast lossless codec. but in the end I'd suggest a specialized tool though for your purpose like dxtory (highly recommended) or fraps and recording with 30fps while playing with uncapped framerate. this way you won't have the problem to deal with the 35fps framerate the viddump command is giving you since youtube (and many other streaming sites) only supports up to 30 fps.

well another solution would be to make a demo file while playing and recording your commentary, making the video afterwards of the demo file (-timedemo * -viddump *) with heavy codec settings and then finally syncing up picture and sound. this way you completely avoid the intermediate huge video file. it's of course a problem if you already talk in the title screen or doing things in the menu which won't get recorded this way.

ps: for dealing with huge video files I suggest virtualdub (can open avisynth scripts and avis) or megui (which additionally can handle mp4s and mkvs with the included file indexer).

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