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MAP07 tag 666 not working in zdoom

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This is my wad, ROFL [in development]

tagging a sector as 666 should lower a floor after all mancubi are killed of the map, regardless of port. But also I tried to play doom2 map07 with my gzdoom and that worked... so idk. probably my trigger is wrong, and if so, how do I actually do it right

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Ah okay! Didn't know it was your wad.

Anyway, are you making the wad with doom builder using 'Doom in Hexen format'? Make sure you are and that you're not making the wad in any other format (although the bland 'doom 2' format is okay).

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Yeah it has nothing to do with that. I just think I maybe didn't make the mancubus trigger correctly, I guess I'll look at map07 of doom2 and see if I can figure out how they did it... dunno what else to do

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I think the problem is that you forgot to assign the "special_action" into your mapinfo, ex:

map MAP01 "The sub-levels"
music BASE
par 30
sucktime 37
next map02
sky1 STSKY1
BaronSpecial (=====1
SpecialAction_LowerFloor (=====2

1 and 2 have to be together in order to work.
and in your case you have to add "Map07Special"
check out this 1 for More info:

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