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How to add / assing instruments to MIDI

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Hey there,
I've started playing around with Propellerheads' Reason recently (actually I've started learning it for like 5th time, but now I think I'm making some progress). I don't have anything to show yet, tho I think I have one promising Doom-ish track incoming – but of course it'll be a music file, not a MIDI, becasue whenever I export a song to MIDI all lanes (channels? I don't understand all the terminology yet) are using the same, default instrument, which is a MIDI piano.

The question is as in the topic: "how do I add / assign other instruments to a MIDI file?"

Can you recommend appropriate software, preferably for OSX?

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I don't have Reason, but I imagine that it's just defaulting to piano. You'd have to manually set the song to GM instruments. Drums go to channel 10.

Alternatively, you can download Anvil Studio and simply choose instruments after you've got the composition the way you want.

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