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Help running Skulltag needed!

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I recently got a mouse fix for Doom95(I use Doom: Collecter's Edition). I couldn't use it with Doom II or Final Doom but I could with UDoom. I fiddled with the graphics settings, but then, when I made a map and tried to test it, my computer crashed and whenever it starts up, it asks me to change the CPU.
I also can't play Skulltag anymore - it crashes whenever I press anything at the start menu.
I'm only 12 and would love a solution.
Thanks, Joe667

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Here: Just uninstall the programs (including Skulltag), reinstall Skulltag, reinstall collectors edition. Once collectors edition is installed, take out the iwads in the disc files (ex. doom.wad, doom2.wad) then put it in a secure folder where you'll know where they are. Then run skulltag, make a file path to the iwads.

Then it should work.

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It looks like you have multiple problems. First thing I'd do is find someone who can sort out why your PC wants you to change the CPU, that might also fix your Skulltag problem. As for the Collector's Edition, if you've installed three copies of Doom95 (which is what it sounds like) copy/paste the Doom 2 & Final Doom IWADS (Doom2.wad, Plutonia.wad & TNT.wad) to your Ultimate Doom folder then uninstall those two games. You can use Doom95's "Game WAD file" selector to switch IWADs, so there's really no need to have multiple copies installed. Don't try running anything less than 640x480 in Full Screen mode, that might freak out your video card/driver.

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