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ACS: Multiplayer Monster Respawning?

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so I have my WAD, and I figure that it would be cool that if you have multiplayer mode activated, all monsters should respawn automaticly as if it was nightmare difficulty, but just simply not nightmare at all.

(I do have custom monsters)

I have this

if (PlayerNumber() == 0 && GetCVAR("teamplay") == 1) { 
so all I need is the ACS command, I have not been able to find it, do anyone know the command?

I use the GZDOOM port.

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Use Thing_Raise. But that'll require you to give a TID to all monsters; your script will not work on monsters with TID 0.

Also there are better functions to check the game type. Like, gametype.

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If the player wanted that, they could just run the game with respawning monsters right? Doesn't this method simply reduce the amount of choices the player can have?

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You can change the difficulty setting by script, though it only takes effect on the next map.

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