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FleshRend - A 9 map wad for The Ultimate Doom

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Wads In Progress page.
Crosspost from ZDoom.
And Zandronum.

What is FleshRend?

FleshRend is a 9-level vanilla wad that replaces Episode One of The Ultimate Doom. This ain't your average E1 mapset though - expect to see the influence of Hell(and it's more vicious denizens) a lot sooner. There's also new monsters. Yep, I've managed to wring a few surprises out of Doom 1's limited resources, so don't get too complacent.


E1M1=100%(all the screenies are from E1M1, by the way)

I will put out a beta of the first few levels when I've made a bit more progress. I might also need a MIDI composer at some point. :)

Coming soon....well, at least before this year's Cacowards, I hope.

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Obsidian said:


new monsters

DEHACKED, right? Can't wait. Screenshots looking promising.

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Xaser said:

The title graphic looks like Psychic's. :P

I used a nice looking font that I found on DaFont. Heh.

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Obsidian, I must say you have progressed in the mapping side of Doom incredibly well. I'll keep an eye on this one (and you've just reminded me to start working on E1M2 for mine). Good luck! I look forward to recording some demos for this.

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I'm very interested in this project, being one of the world's biggest fans of E1 and really good E1 replacements. Screenies look good, though is that a Compblue cable run in the first pic? Not so sure about that one.

That is indeed a killer font.

I'll be keeping my eye on this. :)

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