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doom squared part 1

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Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t finish this story, but I am willing to try writing some more of it that I’ve been working on in class. Don’t expect to come out regularly. H*E*X*E*N will be done soon.

Hope you enjoyed the prologue!

(o)_- Insomniac

Doom Squared – Chapter One


I came out in a blur of green light in an army tent on the outskirts of Chicago. There was a large plastic sign mounted on the wall saying “Due to the recent events, the teleportal in Chicago has been has been diverted to this location.” That really didn’t help, seeing as how I didn’t even know where I was at the time. In this tent I found a new pair of boots, a clean helmet, and a clip of ammo. After taking all I could find, I left the tent and decided to scout out the area. It was dawn.

The tent was in a ditch beside a large highway. There had clearly been some large scale fighting going on, seeing as how the highway was covered in potholes, blast marks, and dead bodies of fellow marines and citizens. It looked like the army had used tanks to bomb the highway so that entry to the city would be impossible. A small highway sign said “UAC city defense outpost 3, next left” and I started walking.

During my private days, I had served in a city defense outpost much like this, only in my home city of Detroit. As you no doubt know, they were built by the UAC during the Third World War, usually about 4 of them surrounding a major city. They have a small landing / recreation field, their own water reservoir, an independent power plant, and can withstand a small nuclear device. I approached the front gate and found it locked with heavy chains, and a padlock. The surprising thing was that it was locked from the outside. Through the gates I could see a sign hammered on to the doors. “Quarantined.” The UAC’s way of saying “hell-spawn infested.”

This one base was built into a hill, and I knew that if this base was like the one I has served at, it would have a small rec field on the east side. After climbing the hill and going over a ledge of sharp rocks, I found myself in the field. Across from me was a small balcony, which I climbed up into. It was here that I found one of my favorite demon exterminating weapons; a class 2 UAC chainsaw, used for general site work. I took it and, arming my pistol, I proceeded into the area commonly known as the “stage”.

The first thing that caught my eye were the two zombies, lurching by the stairs. They hadn’t detected me, so I took the time to inspect the room. It was dark, square, had two pillars that carried power to the relay dish on the roof, and had a triangular staircase leading to the main corridor. The walls were covered with plasma rifle burns and wrecked pipes, indicating a struggle. Quietly, I snuck up behind the nearest zombie guard and held my pistol up to his head…

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“Due to the recent events, the teleportal in Chicago has been has been diverted to this location.”

Hmm, are you sure the UAC experimental gateway wasn't the first teleportation device ever created in the Doom universe? It would seem queer to me that the UAC would've already installed several teleporters on Earth.

Ok story though.

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