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Captain Toenail

DB2/GZDB - Move Selected Sectors Up?

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This is one mystery of Doom map making that has always eluded me - is there any way to select multiple sectors and change their floor/ceiling values whilst retaining their relative heights to each other?

i.e. move an entire room upwards, keeping stuff like alcoves, tables etc. at the correct height.

I am currently using Doombuilder2 and GZDoomBuilder.

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Yep, open their properties and put ++X in the floor and ceiling fields to raise everything by X units. At least that's how it is done in Doom Builder 1.68.
I wonder if neat tricks like this are documented somewhere... Maybe there is more cool stuff that I don't know about?

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yes, look at the key commands preferences in db2, I forget what it's called, but I have it bound to control+mousewheel(up/down). incredibly useful if you design rooms independently around 0 height then piece them together

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