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Scythe built 2 player demo - no monster ep 1

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Hello to all, sorry for my bad English.

I am built a demo using xdre (It is the first time that I it use)For what nose if side well for the experts in tas.

it is a demo coop (2 players) of the first episode of scythe

Map includes also 11 and 12

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some cool moves and ideas in this, map06 is definitely the highlight, that looked hilarious. then i was a bit disappointed that map07 wasn't 0s, are you sure it's impossible? gusta did 1.28 by himself, can't you sacrifice one player and give him a double rocket boost? then my gripe with map08 was that you used speedup shots, but your exit time was in the .50's, that's just wasted health, haha. you should definitely use that extra health in map10 instead, because you exit with .03, that's the second worst time you can ever get in speedrunning. :) cut those two ticks by any means necessary!

a fun run, i'm looking forward to a revision and then continuation.

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Thank you for your response, I am sure of the fact that map 7 can it comes to 0 seconds.

Since sides I am not speedruner and I did alone this for fun, but I can do what you said to me, for example in map 12 I could cut away 1 second,


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