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DOOMing the Charts [MIDI files here]

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Hey Doomworlders, I've got all these MIDIs of really popular songs that I either made entirely from scratch or edited very heavily to improve them: some were OK-ish, but badly out of key, etc. They're sitting here on my drive, I figured why not share them? Use them at your leisure - Credit me if you want to be nice!


Swedish House Mafia - Don't Worry Child
JKwon - Tipsy
Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll [Project X Version]
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem [original was off key, making the song even worse]
Usher - Love In This Club
And a little trancey D5M1 remix (HITFLOOR.mid's younger brother)

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ryup9v37xws4dh6/Doomkid_MIDI.zip

If you find other versions of these songs online, they're usually pretty butchered. The songs are quite unfitting for, say, an E1 themed wad. But I find songs like this work great in deathmtach maps or other lighthearted Dooming material. In fact, I don't even like 'Party Rock Anthem', improving it was just a fun little task for me to do while mapping. My partner Julia really likes some of these songs and also enjoys FPS games, so putting them into Doom was a given in a sense - now they're sitting around getting dusty! Hope someone gets use outta them :)

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Obsidian said:

Let me know when you're doing deathgrind songs.

That would actually take some time and effort though ;)

This stuff is absurdly simple!

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These midis are of pretty reasonable quality, I like them. As a fellow MIDI composer I appreciate these for what they are, but as I tend to write songs that have tons of instruments and lots of stuff going on, I feel like sometimes these MIDIs feel a little "hollow", but that's just me being picky. Keep it up.

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I'm fully in support of this :)

Like Fisk said I find many of them a bit hollow after being used to midi with tons of layered instruments/effects and such, but these were still fun listens. Sometimes a map just calls for a silly/fun midi, so stuff like this is always good to have around.

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Thanks for the feedback you guys - If I ever get around to making any more of these, I'll share them around again :)

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