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TTV!Zone Collection 1

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A large collection of Speed-Maps made during the Tango TV 5 in 100 events. Each Map was made in 100 minutes and had to use a special ingredient. (Decided by Supreme Decider Seele00TextOnly). Requires Zdoom. Music is in D_MAPXX format, Map 19 needs Open GL or the sky will be all screwed up.

Most maps should work in Boom without the music. I'll figure out hard compatibility later and split them into relevant wads as needed.

Standard Zdoom Version

Zandro Compatible Version

Map List is as follows:

*Discuss Speed-Mapping in Depth while Speed-Mapping*
Map 01 - A Terrible Accident - Alfonzo
Map 02 - Eat at Speedy Joe's - Joe Pallai
Map 03 - Knee Deep in the Speedy Shit - Matt Tropiano
Map 04 - TNT the way Rottking Did - Rottking
Map 05 - Male Unbonding - Tarnsman

*The Donut Effect*
Map 06 - Dogham't - Alfonzo
Map 07 - Salvation Army Bacon And Eggs - Jimmy
Map 08 - Freudian Swamp - Xaser
Map 09 - Uh Oh (or Oh, No) - Skillsaw
Map 10 - Caco Factory - Tarnsman

*Instant Moving Floors*
Map 11 - Quadratic Velocity - Capellan
Map 12 - Ribena's Blue Killfest on the 706 - Ribbiks
Map 13 - A Map of Zap - Zap610
Map 14 - The Catface of Doom - Rottking
Map 15 - Speed 2: Cruise Control - Tarnsman

*City Maps With Silent Teleporters*
Map 16 - Professor Jatsand's Spayss Sittey Beatdown - Xaser
Map 17 - The Pez Dispenser - Matt Tropiano
Map 18 - Jello Pudding - Tarnsman

*Rocket Only*
Map 19 - This is a Map - Kate
Map 20 - Sausages and Shrooms - Jimmy
Map 21 - All Engines Are Go! - Skillsaw
Map 22 - Kick Your Own Ass - Xaser
Map 32 - Commander Keen's Rocket Brigade - Alfonzo

*Map in another Author's Style*
Map 23 - Cacose - Tarnsman (Natural Tvventy)
Map 24 - Jim Bagrow's Big Day Out - Alfonzo (Jim Bagrow)
Map 25 - Van Der Veken Base - Capellan (Jan Van Der Veken)
Map 26 - Culinary Tract Infection - 40oz (Erik Alm)
Map 27 - Nukage Hanger Processing Command Base - Megalyth (John Romero)

*1024 Maps*
Map 28 - I'm Not Sorry - TheMionicDonut
Map 29 - Pickle in a Jar, Pickle in a Jar - ClonedPickle
Map 30 - Flatulence Protocol - Jimmy
Map 31 - Brunch With Mr Siracowski - Alfonzo

*Spider Mastermind Spam*
Map 33 - A Shirtless George Costanza Smirking With a Cat -ClonedPickle
Map 34 - Joe's Spider Collection - Joe Pallai
Map 35 - Oh God, Spiders - Megalyth
Map 36 - Daddy Long Legs - Capellan
Map 37 - Mega Spider Bitch - Rottking
Map 38 - Spiders On The Moon! - Tarnsman

*Use At Least 1024 Monsters*
Map 39 - Fecal Mountain - Jimmy
Map 40 - I'm Sorry, Time of Death - Marcaek
Map 41 - Joe Was Too Busy Having a Panic Attack to Name This Map - Joe Pallai
Map 42 - Falafel Gorge - Alfonzo
Map 43 - Oppressive Shit 2: The Turd of Oppression - Tarnsman

*Make a Wolfenstien Map with Height Variation*
Map 44 - Hitler Has A Surprisingly Shapely Ass (and Horns) - Tarnsman

*Make NUTS.Wad "Playable"*
Map 45 - This Map is Totally Balanced, Really Guys! - Tarnsman

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TTV!Zone was initially envisioned to make the concept of stashing my terrible creations in one easy-to-laugh-at package more attractive. Now that Tarnsman's maps are all regarded as high quality (as they always are), this desperate attempt at solace has been turned into yet another pedestal for my inability to map.

My plans are ruined. God damn it.

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Oh sure. Sure! That's easy to say when you can egest brilliance at the drop of a hat and have the gall to call it excrement. Where's your Terrible Accident, hm? Where's your Fecal Mountain.wad?

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I don't see many people go full "Theatrical hysteria" on the Internet. Heh.

Your maps are fine Alfonzo, trust me. Falafel Gorge is my favourite. :)

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I think it's fairly obvious that when you guys return next summer, the first special ingredient should be the super-st.alfonso-friendly "Texture only with STARTAN and STARTAN variants".

edit: I'm disappointed that last weekend was the final speedmap episode - I mapped along with it and had a lot of fun (and actually managed to make a map I wasn't thoroughly disgusted in!!) and was planning on asking to join in on a future episode. You're breaking my heart, Tarnsman!

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Haven't tried this out yet (looking forward to it though!), but those 5 screen shots look seriously cool. Can't wait to try this out! :)

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