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3D Sector + SkyBox problem

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Hello DoomGuys and DoomGirls!

So I have this sector with a SkyBox and I'm having an issue. Everything's ok except the floor on the '3D floor' because it renders only the sky but not the skybox:

The outside sector has a height of 1 and floor + ceiling with sky texture.

I've been messing around with LineDefs, Sectors but I can't make that 3d floor (or the real floor used for the 3d floor) to render the SkyBox T___________T

Any help is super greatly appreciated!!!!!

BTW, when I get rid of the 3d sector line action, it doesn't have any problems

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upload your wad to somewhere (maybe medifre) and i can give a look to find the trouble, maybe i have idea what would be, but to be sure i want to take a look in your wad.

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Yeah haha I had to place SkyBoxViewers in every sector for it to work... now, the real thing I'm working on has lots of 3DFloors so it gets a lil' bit slow when walking underneath them. But at least I got my problem solved!

Thanks tho'!

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