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bfg =]

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I just dropped by to trade you this fancy new RL for one of yours. You know, the ones ya don't even have to aim and it hits the monster right in the mellon! I've already got a BFG so you can put those away...guys?

Hah, all your base are belong to BFG!

Thanks to planetquake.com.

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Heh, looks pretty nice.

WTF happened to the SkinTek texture though? o_O

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Im not sure which one it is - the skin or the model (mos tlikely the model), but their bfg SUCKS. They sure got the player model right though.

There was a bfg model that looked alot like the BFG10k from Quake2, but was a different model than Q2's (maybe the bfg from that one UT mod?) on this one site that had the top 10 game weapons of all time.

It was sw33t.

Saw it a long time ago, and now I cant find it anywhere (was it gamespot or gamespy or other?).

BTW: what are those little exhaust-pipe thingies on the sides of the BFG10k in Q2? I mean, it's not like the gun is some sort of hot-rod or anything (though it's design gives it a hot-rod car appearance).

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Fuel cells produce steam (or with heat capture just cold water) as a byproduct.

They combine hydrogen with oxygen and with some chemical reaction hooha they create electricity, heat and pure water.

The use them in Space Stations instead of Duracells. They only reason we don't use them all over the place here is that there's no PROFIT in being perfectly healthy and recyclable and shit. If I told you how far you could go for the same price as gas your right thigh would probably just explode.

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In doom, and many science fiction games, "Cells" typicially have nothing to do with anything as mundane as chemical reactions and the energy given off by them. The reasoning is that a big-huge-giant fuel cell would only be able to produce enough energy for one shot from an "energy weapon" (plasma guns, stuff like that that directly uses electricity or magnetism to generate it's attack), and that energy would be given off over such a long period of time to make it unfeasible.

This is why we dont have the doom plasma rifle or the bfg or a man-carryable railgun in real life, and probably wont ever."Energy Cells" are a big myth of science fiction (more on the ficiton side than the science side), because about the only way we know of that you could store that much energy into a pint-sized package is through fusion - and the way the academic community is set up, if you even propose a design for a cold-fusion device they'll shoot ya.

I made a reference to cold-fusion because theoreticially, from an engineering standpoint you could carry around a cold-fusion reactor with you alot easier than a "hot" fusion reactor, this is what I belive the energy cells in doom to be - small cold-fusion reactors.

Cold-fusion reactors could be as small as a soda can or even a baseball up to as large as you want them to be - whereas fusing plasma reactors need to be very large (like the size of a nuclear powerplant) just to achieve "breakeven" (the point at which it produces more electricity than it consumes). Cold-fusion reactors produce power gradually, they cant blow up unless you set them to overload. Fusing plasma reactors can explode, but the volume of plasma they contain would probably only destroy the reactor building (and kill everyone in it).


Im taking the idea of cold-fusion from the "hoax" that was made in '89 by those two guys.

They had it worked up that you ran electricity through heavy water, inducing electrolysis (seperating hydrogen from oxygen), and the deuterium (radioactive hydrogen) collected on a palladiam rod (a material notorious for attracting hydrogen).

Those two guys said that the deuterium collects on the palladium in such density that it induces fusion, generating 50x the amount of power that the batteries conducting electrolysis are producing.

Of course the fact that they released it directly to the press and not through academic journals made it sound fishy, and no other laboratory has been able to definitivly prove the experiment (seems like a conspiracy from the oil companies).

If it had in fact worked, it would make alot of high-energy portable devices feasible (like laser rifles and plasma guns, and cars that fly :) because their experiment wasn't very much larger than a 2-liter soda bottle.

It's also called "cold" fusion because it could happen at room temperature and not at millions of degrees ("cold" is a relative term, since molten steel is cold compared to plasma and we're cold compared to boiling water)

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wtf ever

the BFG15k in the wip LoL is the BEST gun ever.

so what the fuck ever

ill kick your ass

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