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the most active multiplayer sourceport ?

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i have been a huge zdaemon user for years now, but it seems to be running empty on players, yet growing on servers. almost nobody plays a good old deathmatch anymore.

so which multiplayer source port would you all consider to be the most active of them all ?

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zandronum is the least active one in my opinion, and odamax its website says main server down, second server 0 players.

but thank you anyways, such an old game will always have its dips in player activity at certain times.

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Zandronum is definitely the most active out of the 3 Doom ports. It typically has over 100 players at any given time. Odamex is growing and is consistently having >0 players on throughout the day.

And yes at this time, master1 is down for Odamex. Manc is working to get it back up.

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