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kid pets bear after it attacks her

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Hell, that's what I'd do.

"All of a sudden, the bear stopped me and put me down on the ground, scraping me and clawing me," she recalled.
When the bear finally stopped and started to leave, the frightened seventh grader quickly got to her feet in a second attempt to run away.
Like the first time, it proved fruitless.
The bear came back, pinning her back down on the ground, but not before giving her room for an attempt at persuasion.
"I started petting it," she now laughs at the move. "I don't know where that came from but I just thought maybe if I petted it, it would like me.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/michigan-girl-remembers-bear-mauling-article-1.1430921#ixzz2cSKlNILC

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I wonder if bears are tasty. Sadly, little girls who aren't veterans of hellish, mechanized, death wars are typically ill-equipped to find out.

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An important part of the article that you forgot to quote:

"Well, that did not work so then it got me again," she said.

It was her final decision to play dead that possibly spared her though.

So, people. If you're too lazy to follow links and read articles in full, and you are attacked by a bear, do not pet it. It will not work.

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