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Major Arlene

Fatal glitch in DOOM 3

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So, I've been playing DOOM 3 for a while and it's been working fine, but I'm starting to get into the middle levels and something weird keeps happening. The weapon Doomguy is holding will start going translucent and then completely disappear, and so will enemies. Like, the chaingun commandos will start to disappear but the chaingun and bullets will still show up. After a while the game will crash completely. What causes this?

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That is odd, but as Marnetmar said, need to know what version of Doom you have.

Could be a driver issue, so would suggest you try some different ones at least. However, could be the graphics card? Any modifications, are all fans working ok etc.....you know the drill

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I played unpatched Doom 3 on my slow ass laptop 9 years ago and I never even had those issues even though it was lagging like hell.

God that was a long time ago, and it feels like only yesterday. :o

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Marnetmar said:

Try updating your video card drivers, that's the only thing I can think of.


Also what OS are you running and type of graphics card?

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