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Further dissection of single-map WAD files with deutex

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Dear DW,

if I extract a WAD file with deutex, e.g. deutex -x doom.wad, it puts all the included lumps into different subdirectories. The maps go into levels/ as another set of WAD files. Now if I try to further extract these single-map WAD files, e.g. with deutex -x e1m1.wad, another subdirectory called levels/ is created and contains the exact same e1m1.wad file again.

I find this confusing, because according to 'file e1m1.wad', that file is a "doom patch PWAD data containing 11 lumps". How do I dissect it any further to gain access to the 11 included lumps? One of them must be the REJECT table that I am mostly interested in...

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I'm curious about what you plan to do with the reject data?...

Anyway, there's another method to get the data if you have xwadtools... You can find out the embedded lump names & size (in bytes) like this:
$ lswad -s e1m1.wad
And you can extract any of those lumps to a file:
$ wadext e1m1.wad REJECT reject.lmp
Then just view contents with your favorite hex editor or whatever:
$ hexdump -C reject.lmp

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