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Captain Toenail

idGames Oddity

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Your response to this is to create a thread drawing attention to it and then link the offending wad? O_o

Since the thread exists, I may as well bring up a random idea I had in another thread: some sort if /idgames upload interface on DW that's tied to forum accounts. It wouldn't stop such shenanigans completely (unless anonymous uploading is disabled entirely, which would suck), but it may help for folks who opt to use it ( as a wad uploaded anonymously by someone claiming to be a guy who always logs in would raise some eyebrows).

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An upload interface might help, though it's only authenticating uploads from one source. I'd favour a challenge/response system, where an email is sent to the address supplied and has to be responded to in order to validate the upload.

Captain Toenail said:

I just noticed someone has uploaded a wad using my username and email.

Unfortunately this isn't the first time we've had forgeries in the archive, let Bloodshedder know as well so he can remove it from the /newstuff review queue.

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