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HD mod: serious issues

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I always respected people who devote their time to make a game better, but i really have to touch the problems i encountered with the so called Doom 3 HD mod and speak with you about them.

1) Legitimacy. What is this HD mod? It is obvious that the author of the mod did not invent anything, he just "took" (stole) a pack of other mods, combined them together and made one turbo mod under his name, even though giving credit to the authors of the other mods. If i was an author of any of those other combined mods, there is no way in hell i would allow someone to steal my mod and "combine" in it into his own. Don't know what you think, but this sort of behavior is not ok with me.

2) Language. How old is the author of HD mod? If you make such a mod, and having in mind the mod is being instantly recognized as a premier mod for Doom 3 for making the game look better, you'd think you'd get an instruction written in ENGLISH. Not only there is no read me file included in the setup, but the setup is written in Russian! RUBBISH! I speak Russian very well, but i would NEVER release any mod and not give a proper English instruction for users.

3) Not working. Funny, i have downloaded the 1,5 Gb mod, and the updates too, but when i try to actually launch a map from a menu, after the loading bar goes full - nothing happens, i get to see the menu! I tested the mod on both - steam and retail 1.3.1 versions with the same result...

4) Uninstall. Unlike any other mods, where you put them in the general Doom 3 folder, this one is installed all over the random game folders. That would be ok, if the uninstaller could delete everything associated with the mod, but it does not - it leaves a bunch of HD mod files, those you have to manually delete. This is, sure, a small problem, compared to others, but still, an annoying one.

You might think that this is no more than a rant, but in the real world there is such thing as "product quality control", and if we will be satisfied with such "third grade mods", then there will be no more need to strive.

Please! This thread is only meant to address the issues associated with the mod. Keep the discussion polite and address the issues professionally.

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I don't remember anything about the HD mod other than extracting the high poly models (I can't find the source for them) for use in vanilla Doom 3 and getting rid of that god-awful purple skin for the commandos.

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1. The other mod authors may not have the same feelings about that you do; either they've explicitly allowed the guy to include them, they're licensed so they can be reused, or they're simply being reused with no permission...

2. Maybe you could offer to translate? Not everyone in the world speaks English, much less well.

Personally I've never seen the mod, but you should realize that such things are done in people's spare time usually. Product quality control is great and all, but there's no particular product here nor will there be a monetary incentive for it. Maybe you could offer your help.

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Some people spend entire days of their life to learn about modding a game, and looking at examples. Some of them try to create a mod based on free to use texture sets and materials created by others. If by chance they notice that there might be people out there that are interested in such mods, they might release it.

What these people are looking for is support and that one wonderful moment when one of their mods gets a good review, or a thumbs up. And believe it or not, they want to learn about improving their work.

But insulting their home language by accident, and breaking those mods down until only dust is left which not even a nit picking reviewer could analyze... well that is not motivating for such people at all.

I do not intend to attack or flame your post, and this is just one point of view, from the many that exist in the world, including yours.

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