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Changing ZDoom's font colors

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I'm looking at the Fontdefs article on the ZDoom Wiki, but there's nothing about color.

How can I change the colors of the fonts inside ZDoom, from the "PWad side"?

I'd like to change all the font colors on the Hud, all the font colors in the automap, and all (at least red and white) colors in the menu browser.

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PWAD side?

You'll have to tinker with the various lumps out there -- TEXTCOLO to define new colors, ZMAPINFO and MENUDEFS to set game font colors, etc.

Development builds allow you to define default automap colors in a mod, but this is not available in the latest official version (2.7.1 as of this post).

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Thank you so much. :)

Trailin' behind question of not-so-crucial importance: can I somehow export color settings from my GZDoom's user configuration file (the .INI file, I guess?), and import them to my .WAD file? :]

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