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GZ Builder ,DoomBuilder 2 + Brutal doom

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Hi guys
I wanted to know if it was possible to add the brutal weapons of doom in my map in doom format. I saw that in GZBuilder I add the marine that weapons of brutal doom.
I have read that I can add with decorated, but how?
There is another system without programming?
thanks for the answers

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Brutal Doom weapons replace Doom's weapons, so placing the vanilla equivalent is just fine. If you want the revenant missile launchers, mancubus cannon, and MP40, well, they don't have a map editor ID, so if you are using ZDoom-Hexen mode or UDMF, use a spawn spot and ACS to spawn HellishMissileLauncher, FlameCannon, or SecretWeapon_MP40, respectively (SpawnSpot would be the function you'd be looking for). But since you're using Doom format, you won't be able to place those weapons.

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