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Tag 666 not working?

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Hello. Goofing around in my editor, I want to make a wall lower, and I assigned it 666. I also placed 4 mancubai, but neither PrBoom or complevel '2 is lowering it. What is happening?!!

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  • 666 should be the sector tag, not sector special or line tag/special.
  • Check if there are no other Mancubi in your map that you maybe accidentaly placed somewhere.
  • Surrounding things may be preventing the wall to lower in complevel 2, check if there are no monsters/items close to it or even inside it.
  • The 666 tag works that after killing all mancubi in a level, all 666-tagged floors lower to the lowest surrounding floor height. Is the lowest surrounding floor height actually what you think it is?
  • And the best advice - get a computer instead of Android phone. PrBoom for Android might be glitched.

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Why deleting? The thread may be useful for other people who are having similar troubles now or will in the (near) future. Even locking is not needed, athough OK, all needed has been answered.

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