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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, the first expansion pack for Diablo 3 has just been announced. The expansion will feature an additional act, set in the gothic city of Westmarch and the new boss will be Malthael, former Angel of Wisdom who is now Death. Malthael wants to destroy humanity because of their demon blood.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Cb7QJwQ58T0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The expansion also includes The Crusader, a living tank that uses flail(s), a shield and uses a new resource called Wrath. The Crusader is an elite force of the Paladin class.

Besides the new class, the expansion also includes a plethora of gameplay changes, some of which will be included in a free update.

The following section was taken from http://www.diablofans.com/

New Class

The Crusader is the new class announced for the Reaper of Souls expansion. Here is everything we know about him so far, plus some nice art and videos from Gamescom!
Uses Strength as main stat
Has confirmed Flails, Two-Handed Flails and Two-Handed Swords so far and focuses on Shields, adding their defense as damage. There are Crusader exclusive Shields in the game
Plays mid-range
Resource is Wrath (not confirmed how it's generated)
Crusaders come from the same order as the Paladins and are, in fact, an elite branch of it
The Crusader starts at Act I, like all other characters
Skill Categories: Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Utility, Laws, Conviction (Screenshot)

Active Skills:
Punish - Hit your enemy. Your hits increase your sense of combat, which improves your ability to block. Requires a shield. (Cost: 5 Wrath) (roughly translated)
Retaliate - When you block, you do extra damage
Slash - Ignite the air in front of you, damaging all enemies (Cost: 5 Wrath)
Long Reach - Increases the range of Slash
Justice - Throw a hammer of justice at your enemies. (Cost: 5 Wrath)
Scourge - Scourge your enemies, surrounding them in threads of hallowed power. The threads cut and bleed enemies they attach to, and will seek out new enemies to latch onto and punish. (Generate: 5 Wrath per attack)
Bound Fate
Razor's Edge
Laws of Justice - Active: Increases armor for the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Justice are active. Passive: When you block an attack, you and your allies take less damage for a short duration. Requires a shield. Cooldown: 30 seconds
Laws of Valor - Active: Increases the damage of the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Valor is active. Passive: When you critically hit, you and your allies do more damage for a short duration. Cooldown: 30 seconds
Laws of Fate - Active: Increases the speed of the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Fate is active. Passive: When you dodge, you and your allies run faster for a short duration. Cooldown: 30 seconds
Sweep Attack - Spread a mystical plague in the air in a large arc, dealing heavy damage on enemies in front of you (Cost: 25 Wrath) (roughly translated)
Shield Glare - Temporarily blind enemies in front of you with your shield. Requires a shield. Cooldown: 12 seconds
Emblazoned Rune Shield - Blinded enemies sometimes explode when on low health
Judgement - Roots enemies for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds
Heaven's Fury - Creates an area of holy power that burns and damages enemies (Cost: 40 Wrath)
Consecration - Creates sacred ground around you that heals both the Crusader and his allies. Cooldown: 20 seconds
Shattered Ground - The enemies within the area in effect take damage
Shield Bash - Blasts enemies in front of you. Requires a shield. (Cost: 25 Wrath)
Fist of the Heavens- Call a bolt from the sky damaging enemies in the area. (Cost: 30 Wrath)
Tempest of the Heavens
Well of Retribution - Create a well of holy lightning at the target location that will electrecute nearby enemies
Lightning Rod
Blessed Shield - Hurl a celestial shield through the air, smashing it into enemies and ricocheting it between them (Cost: 25 Wrath)
Staggering Shield
Blessed Hammer - Summons a blessed hammer that revolves around you damaging enemies. (Cost: 10 Wrath)
Provoke - Taunts the enemy to attack you for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds (Generate: 50 Wrath)
Falling Sword - The Crusader is launched in the air and lands on his enemies. Cooldown: 15 seconds (Cost: 25 Wrath)
Part of the Cloud - You create a lightning storm that covers the ground where the character falls, hitting enemies with lightning
Passive Skills:
Indestructible - You gain 1% armor for every 5% life that you lose
Wrathful - Wrath regeneration increased by 5% for 3 seconds after a block
Wrecking Ball
Against All Odds - When surrounded by 4 or more enemies within 15 yards, you gain 10% Crit Chance for 5 seconds
Finery - Gain 34 All Resist for each gem of different color on your gear, if you have five different gems you'll gain another 34 All Resist
Heavenly Strength - Enable the crusader to hold a 2 handed weapon in main hand, but only if you have a Crusader shield in the other, in addition you lose 10% movement speed
Holy Cause - 10% more Holy damage on weapon. Also proc coefficient increased by 10% on Holy weapons
Long Arm of the Law
Stand Your Ground - Increase block chance by 5%, reduce dodge chance by/to X%

New Level Cap - 70

All existing classes will get:
New Skills
New Runes
New Passives

New Act
New City - The Survivor's Enclave
The majority of the act happens in Westmarch
Other areas include The Pandemonium Fortress, a Zakarum Cathedral, Moldering Waterway, Old Storehouse and the Wolf Gate
There are more, not yet announced, parts of the Act
Seamless transitioning between interior and exterior zones
All exterior parts of the Act should be fully randomized
Similar in size to Diablo 3's Act II
Much darker than what we're used to in Diablo 3. "You quite literally have to wade through a knee-deep carpet of pale, rotting corpses in order to pursue your next objective. When you walk through, the sounds are truly wrenching, and the ambiance of it is enough to make even the Mad King Leoric wish he'd thought to decorate similarly." (Source)

New Lore

New Boss in the game - Malthael
The ex-Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael, is now the Reaper of Souls. He can take the souls of his enemies and is Death incarnate. During the opening cinematic we can see him fight against Tyrael and taking the Black Soulstone. His main goal appears to be to end the Eternal Conflict
Malthael's actions seem to be "justified", since El'Druin cannot harm him
Malthael's ultimate goal is to destroy Sanctuary
Malthael's scythes do not have a name and he no longer uses his chalice - Calad'ar
We will be seeing the Archangels in the expansion as well as some of the Evils
Hell is in chaos due to the missing Evils
Two Books were found in the game by French site Judgehype. The first signed by Urzael, the second by Hamish Bode. Here are their rough translations:
We must do everything in our power to bring down the Nephalem so that the collection of souls is not interrupted. This will be the key to victory for Malthael.
I can hear them. The voices speak to me again. What? Death comes? I can not die! I can not! I'm too big for my life to go away and. Please tell me how I can avoid my fate. You want me to do this? Yes, I will! I promise. I will do anything.

New Feature: Loot Runs

Part of the new Adventure type game mode (includes Nephalem Trials, Bounties, Exploreation)
15-20 minute completely random dungeons!
Random weather!
Random enemies!
Random boss... or even 2!
Multitiered (several levels deep)!
There is something you need to do to unlock Loot Runs in the game. Will be announced at BlizzCon

New Feature: Nephalem Trials

Part of the new Adventure type game mode (includes Loot Runs, Bounties, Exploration)
Nephalem Trials are portals located around the world
They are challenge-based trials
Monsters come in waves with increasing difficulty
Bigger efficiency - bigger rewards, in the forms of Resplendent chests
They are meant to be trials that the Nephalem made for each other to test their skill

Loot 2.0

Less items will drop in comparison to D3 Vanilla.
Vanilla farming run would give 256 normal, 399 magic, 275 rares and 1 legendary item, in Reaper of Souls the same run would give 73 normal, 266 magic, 83 rare and 6 legendary items!
White items will be useful as a new crafting reagent.
Smart Drop is a system which gives each item a chance that its affix rolls will be focused on the class currently being played.
From some of the items seen (3k DPS and 300+ mainstat weapons), the new Level 70 items will have more potential and (eventually) overpower all current Level 63 Affix Items.
All Legendaries can roll at all levels (with power/affixes and level requirement that match that level).
Legendary will be build-changers, by drastically changing particular skills.
Legendary Effect Examples:
A fist weapon that refunds the Dashing Strike spirit cost if it hits an enemy more than 25 yards away. (Screenshot)
A wand that has a chance to summon Hydras when you kill an ememy. (Screenshot)
A (reimagined) Puzzle Ring that summons a goblin which, after picking up 40 white items, will drop a Yellow item (with the chance of it being a Legendary). (Screenshot)
A Crusader Flail that has a chance to pull enemies towards the character and slow them. (Screenshot)

Paragon 2.0

The Paragon system has had a huge overhaul. It is no longer per-character, but account wide
Instead of the current bonuses your account gains 1 Paragon Point per level to spend on different stats
No longer has a cap
Stats are separated into Core (Str, Dex, Int, Vit), Attack (Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction), Defense (Health %, Resist All, Armor, Dodge %, Block Chance %) and Utility (Run Speed, Magic Find, Gold Pickup Radius)
Paragon Points can be respecced
Each Paragon Level adds one paragon point to all your characters. You can distribute them differently for each character
Retroactively Paragon Points will be determined by your overall experience gained so far, not the sum of your Paragon level number for your characters
Paragon levels are separate for Normal and Hardcore modes
Dying in Hardcore does not take away from your earned Paragon Points (Source)

New Artisan: The Mystic

Enchants existing gear - can reroll one affixe of Rare and Legendary items
The player chooses which affix will be rerolled
As of right now enchanting gear binds it to your account
Transmogrifies items - changes the look of your gear and right now it looks like it'll cost you Demonic Essences and/or Rare and Magical items.
Items needs to be "unlocked" in order to be transmogrified to.

The Existing Artisans
New Gem - Diamond
​Weapons: increases damage to Elites (3% @ Flawed)
Helms: reduces cooldown of skills (11% @ Flawed)
Armor: increases All Resistance (10 @ Flawed)
New Recipes for the Jeweler and Blacksmith

New Monsters
Several new affixes has been created and one has been mentioned - Crossfire. It's not yet known what it actually does.
Many new monsters have been added to the game - the Seraph, Summoner of the Dead, Executioner, Death Maiden and a few not-yet-named ones.
One of the new ranged enemies has the new behaviour of moving away while shooting at you

Quality of Life
Toughness is a new stat displayed in the inventory, that so far seems to show the EHP of the character
Nephalem Valor now stacks from very early levels (confirmed for 30+)
There will "probably" be 1-2 added character slots
Followers now have side-quests in Act V. We're going to meet the Scoundrel's brother!
There are talks of the Stash being increased
Every new boss you kill has a guaranteed Legendary item drop
There will be changes to the chat system, but they're not revealed yet
This is still under development, but so far it looks like Run Speed cap will be increased

Pre-Expansion Patch
Blizzard have announced which features will be unlocked with the expansion and which will come as a pre-expansion patch. Here's what you'll get if you don't buy the expansion:
Paragon 2.0
Loot 2.0
Loot Runs
Nephalem Trials

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I'll buy the PS3 version. Consoles are more suited for dungeon crawlers, if they do the multiplayer right. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and Champions of Norrath are among the most fun games on the PS2...

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DoOmEr4LiFe said:

I'll get this when they ditch the always online thing.

I'd also love to have it without online released in a final version like the Diablo 2 pack.

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When it comes to consoles, I'll play it.

I just have to decide whether to abstain from the PS3 version and wait for the PS4 version, or get the inferior version first so I can finally see what Diablo 3 is like.

Not touching the PC version, ever.

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Here are some new screenshots


And in the gameplay trailer you can see a few more environments. The parts at 0:54 and 1:17 truly look like Diablo


I like the look of the game except the lighting which is a bit too bright for Diablo. Still, it looks gorgeous...it just needs to be SLIGHTLY more muted and a bit darker. Just imagine the part at 0:54 like that.

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I am interested in playing this on console, but I suppose if it comes out on the current gen consoles, it will be incompatible online with the next gen version, and most people will buy it on next gen, thus rendering your current gen copy much less useful. It's a shame. I would much prefer a version of D3 with no auction house.

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No way I'm going to risk buying this like I did the original Diablo 3. Me and my bros ended up spending a total of 180 bucks, and we ended up quitting about two weeks later.

Damn Blizzard just doesn't make great products anymore imo.

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>not playing Diablo 1 mods
>Abiknabat the Soulreaper more badass than a Tyrael-esque villain will ever be

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