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Bethesda re-releases Doom pewter miniatures

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The release was timed to coincide with QuakeCon (according to this thread), but for those of us who were unable to attend that event they're now available on the Bethesda store as a limited edition set in a collectors case. The copyright stamp has been updated to help distinguish this set from previous releases, which if nothing else should allay the fears of collectors who've spent sleepless nights wondering if their pewter pension funds are almost worthless. There's also Doom-themed posters and t-shirts, if you're into that sort of tacky merchandising.

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...aaaand, they are out of stock. Damn, they went fast! Or maybe, limited edition means 3 sets total :)

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Either a very limited edition, temporarily out of stock or Dusty decided to corner the market. At least my order's confirmed.

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