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Elysium [movie; spoilers]

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I watched Elysium in the cinema last night, not sure what I was expecting but looked good. Some people had said the story was weak, but hey if its fun to watch who cares!

Anyway....it was complete pants!

I dont nit pick movies usually and even with large plot holes I am very forgiven.....hey I didnt even mind the end of Mass Effect!

However, this movie was slow, dumb, boring had massive plot holes and generally made no sense. There was not even any character development!

In fact it was quite cringe worthy, I dont think I was alone as when the film finished most people just walked out pretty silently, just not having much to say about it, I think we all knew it was just total pants!

So anyway, anybody seen it yet and think different? If not, maybe you shouldn't see it!

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Too much goddamn shaky-cam and too many pointlessly long action sequences and the ending was basically given away fairly early in the film which was pretty bad. The movie as a whole could've been much much better.

I loved district 9 and expected better here, but oh well. Would not recommend.

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schwerpunk said:

Sounds like I made the right decision by seeing Despicable Me 2, then. God, I love those little Minion fuckers. ^^

Yea I nearly watched that as keep hearing it was very good and pretty funny, I would have had to wait 30 mins longer for a showing...wish I had.

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It was a major step down from District 9 for sure. A complete lack of subtlety and cartoony villains made for a very tough film to take seriously. Sharlto Copley and Damon did good work, though, and there were some fun sequences sprinkled throughout. Hopefully next time Blomkamp will do better.

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Oh also I was going to say, did Elysium look like the Citadel in Mass Effect or what!!

That ring was like....the exact same! Only the wards were missing, but I am guessing they will be added on later, especially now all humans are now 'citizens'....why stay on earth, time to upgrade the station lol

...as for the reapers, well maybe we shall end up being the first race to create an advanced AI to solve a future AI problem against humans by killing humans to protect us from being killed by AI later on.....or something....too early for me and its Friday.

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I thought it was alright for a mindless sci-fi/action flick. Worst film I've seen lately was the Evil Dead remake. What a steaming pile of shit that was. Elysium was downright Oscar-worthy compared to that travesty.

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