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Eris Falling

Karmaflow - The (really weird) Rock Opera Videogame

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This is pretty bizarre, a very interesting concept indeed.

Karmaflow is a third person puzzle/platform adventure, and the world's first rock opera video game! The game is aimed at immersion and experience, and brings a new take on the genre of "rock opera".
In a rich fantasy setting, you take on the role of the Karmakeeper, who is responsible for maintaining the balance in different worlds. You will travel to these worlds and have to save the Guardian Spirits that live there, by finding and unlocking the long lost Karmaflows.
The musical style will be a mixture of rock/metal, orchestral music, several ethnic instruments and a cast of awesome singers, who will tell you the story behind the characters they are portraying in the game.

The vocalists involved are as follows

Doesn't look like they're going to meet their goal for funding though sadly. I hope they can keep things ticking over with what they raise by that time though.
Thoughts on this? Personally I think it's cheesy as fuck, but it's somehow a good thing. I'd certainly be prepared to give it ago when it comes out.
Here's a split link to the preview video - featuring Basse and Hudson - which is followed by a more detailed explanation on what the game actually is.

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The soundtrack didn't seem to fit the setting until the boss started belting out his rock aria. Suddenly: woah.

The protagonist's design is also really cool. I hope these guys put something together. At least indiegogo lets underfunded projects keep the pledges that they get.

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the Indiegogo campaign has just come to an end!
The total amount we have gathered is €30.883,- which is absolutely amazing! This is definitely an amount of money we can work with, and we will keep taking pre-orders on our website to help further development of the game.

This is good to see that they can work with that amount, I think some people were worried about the game being held up if the target wasn't met.

Some other information I have gathered from their Facebook Page:

  • There will be a Steam release.
  • They are still adding more singers
  • Eris Falling saw a flaw in a recurring joke about some possible singers being unsuitable because they didn't know what to sing about.

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