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CDF Ghostship

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Has anyone given the current alpha (0.36) a try of this game on Steam's Greenlight yet? It looks promising at least to me because of the number of places it draws influence from.

From Greenlight page:
CDF Ghostship is a first person, third person survival horror and sci-fi shooter. We don’t have much choice with these sort of games today and we don’t have a free roaming one! Our vision is bring you a fun, scary, highly re-playable sci-fi game like the older games such as Doom, System shock, Dead Space, ACM, Natural Selection etc.

There are some good ones out there but we want to do a few things new such as a free roaming game and a real first person mode with a helmet view for extra realism and atmosphere. There are over 20 different enemies and over 20 different weapons with some cool gadgets. Please play the alpha we have released to see what we mean when we say.

Here, take a peek at some LP-style footage from yours truly for those too lazy to download a 3 gig alpha:

Official website: http://www.cdfghostship.com
Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=152031059

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The actual atmosphere has very strong Event Horizon and Dead Space vibe to it and the gameplay is actually closer to Doom than anything else.


· A Huge focus on immersion through a dark sci-fi atmosphere, graphics, sound and gameplay

· 3 different game views, you choose how you want to play! 1st person, 3rd person or helmet view

· 5 game modes featuring Survival horror, action and challenges

· Epic free roaming game on board a HUGE space ship, colony base and space station

· 2 different weapon types (Laser / Plasma) with over 20 different weapons with tactical advantages

· Classic Doom style gameplay offering excellent gameplay and freedom within the game world

· Real world physics, dynamically change parts of the environment

· Compelling storyline and free roaming non linear gameplay offers for lots of replay value

· Single and multiplayer survival, simulation and challenges

· Work out puzzles, access logs and computers, find and interact with other survivors

CDF Ghostship is the first game to give you a free roaming experience aboard a huge space craft, space station and colony base. The ship is practically designed and designed with its functionality as a CDF Dreadnought class war ship. You can go anywhere you want when ever you want to. There are a few decks which you may have to complete a few objectives before you can explore them and there are a few rooms that may require key codes etc.

So yea, it's pretty non-linear in design and I like that a lot in games mainly for the exploration and looking for goodies.

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