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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Kama Sutra

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Pica (<|>) - K:0% or 90% S:100%

Well I played this through twice, once in each direction. The Kid's side is actually a lot tougher and I died no fewer than 9-10 times, still if you can manage to dodge rockets just long enough to hop into the Pica-logo exit you'll have done well. This is the way I got 0% obviously and unlike many other Map 30s out there, this way of beating the level is as rewarding as it is not rewarding...i.e. being that you don't have to kill anything but merely have to survive a mob of Cyberdemons to beat the level.

Going through the other way, you get some company to help take out the Cyberdemons not to mention the a few of them telefrag each other. This way has plenty of cells and Megaspheres so you are more than welcome to start BFGing the bejesus out of everything. Of course this might be the most unique appearance of an Icon of Sin. I won't go into too much detail relating female genitalia to the ultimate evil in the Doom universe; clearly the guy's had fun with it and made it good for a laugh, I suppose? Either way, lining up your rockets to bring it down can be pretty tough considering it is damn difficult to do so unless you're all up in it. That being said, it is kind of the ultimate Kama-Sutraism in a wad full of strangeness perhaps it is only fitting.

On the whole, this megawad frustrated me to no ends. I'm definitely not a slaughter-map player but I also knew the reputation of it so I persisted and continued on through to the end and I enjoyed the majority of the levels. Even if I had to become a cheating bastard in the last couple. It is obvious to me why Kama Sutra has the distinction that it does, though to be honest there were more weak maps than I expected. Still, the good maps are better than the weak maps are bad which says quite a bit.

As far as my favorite maps go. I couldn't say I have an actual order for them except for:

#1: Map 04 - Water Base - Yes, it is kind of lame the fourth map in the MW is also my favorite but this map piqued my interest in the right places. With the exception of the Arch-Vile trapped in the imp room, Every encounter is masterfully crafted, there is plenty of space, it is wide open which many levels struggle with in parts. Not to mention that the difficulty for me, was at the perfect limit.

Honorable Mentions:

Map 11 - Execution
Map 14 - Dog Eat Dog
Map 16 - Leeds Castle
Map 18 - The Train is Approaching
Map 23 - A Little Big Massacre

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