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Doomguy #876

Explanation of Doom levels?

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StupidBunny said:

I lol'd

As with others, I always found the abstraction to be not only charming but also beneficial for the purposes of gameplay. After all, how many skyscrapers have you been in that have layouts which would make super cool diverse gameplay? At the same time, I do appreciate how the levels often bear some sort of vague resemblance of what they're meant to be, so that the names aren't totally pointless (although with map titles like those in E4, or Nirvana or Gotcha! or ones like those, it's kind of a moot point.) The Spawning Vats even have things that look like vats in that one corridor.

Well if we get really specific, it's a UAC base on a different moon which seems to become more "hellish outpost" and less UAC base as you get closer to the Tower of Babel.

But im talking about doom 2, unless there is a tower of babel in doom 2 that i never knew about.

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Haha you're absolutely right, my bad. I guess they follow fairly parallel courses. There is still an Earth episode, but you're right that the Hellish Outposts come right before that.

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