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Release: MegaWAD + Servers

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Hey everyone :)

I worked over the last 10 years on my MegaWAD. It includes many deathmatch and duel maps. I hope you like it.

Click here for the trailer

Click here for download and more info

The name of it is US23FFA xx . WAD
The xx means the version.
Latest version is 6c.
So we have US23FFA6c.WAD

I started permanent servers for it. Play it with Zandronum / Doomseeker. I would be glad if you join it.

So, have a nice fragging day my friends :-)

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you might want to change the tread title to reflect that it's actually a DM wad. also, it would be nice to know what source ports are required for this. you recommend zandronum, but is it a must?

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