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[Release] All The Stuff I Never Finished or Released

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Hello Cleveland Doomworld!

As some of you may have noticed, I've been very, very inactive. That's because the thing that makes me most enthusiastic about this community - bringing stuff like maps to the party - has basically all but died for me over the last couple of years. Maybe I'm bored of it at long last, or perhaps my creativity has been stifled or died.

Whatever the case, this does mean I've had a lot of dead weight accumulate over the years, even with my habit of deleting all and sundry as soon as I lose interest. So, here's what I bring to you now:

Everything unreleased or unfinished since before this year that I have (direct download link to my site)
Mirror on FileSmelt (probably the quicker link)

This is the following:
1) Impaled Zombieman - basically the Twitching Impaled Corpse, but functioning as a weak turret enemy. Great for sneaky ambushes and surprise encounters, but I've never managed to develop a project with it in far enough to use it
2) Old Map Compilation - Before Scourge I made maps. They weren't great, but the better ones have survived over 10 years, so I figured I'd release them in some sort of bundle at last. It's 10 maps from ~8-~12 year old me and one each from my Dad and younger brother. Don't expect quality, but it might be a laugh to see how much of a newb I once was
3) Ascent to Damnation - my 1-Tag map. One of the more recent maps in this pack. Reasonably well polished, given the gimmick, although not heavily detailed or anything.
4) Base Invaders - or Phobus Doom: Episode 1, as it was originally intended. 4 gimmick maps (1 monster, 1024, speed map, Deep Water usage) that form a cohesive narrative. Originally intended as a 10-map episode of similar gimmicks, but that idea fell through.
5) Hell Inc. - A map made in one sitting (the Grind Mapping event we did back in January). See what sleep deprivation does to my mapping!
6) The Hunting Pack - Scars of the Wounded Prey and Claws of the Enraged Beast with some tweaks and improvements in a shiny new package. Originally intended to come with a third, even harder map (thus making it the Hunting Trilogy) but I could never bring myself to start on it.
7) Justice - An improved repackaging of White Light 2010 Edition and Justice - Infernal Mechanics that was intended to be matched in with another two single-map episodes and a 4-map one, making use of Justice and all of my other resources. Once again, didn't get past the repackaging and tweaking phase.
8) The Tiny Double Pack - An improved repackaging of Tiny Pack 1: Tiny Chances of Survival with a brand new additional map (TINY5) which was intended to be the first of a 5-map episode (Tiny Pack 2: Minimal Resistance) but after a great first level my plans couldn't hold my attention for the next 4 maps, so that's basically that.
9) Virus - This is a big one, as it's the first time I've released all of the Virus resources and packaged them so people can actually make decent use of them (not quite in the perfect .pk3 way, mind, but definitely better than lumped in with the maps and stuff), plus provided useful documentation on what you get and how some bits work. You get the full "Shareware Release" in here too, which happily all still works in the latest ZDoom.

So, 40 maps, 49 monsters, 6 weapons and a player class, amongst other bits and pieces. If all or any of that sounds tempting, dig in!

This is me drawing a line under the last 6 years of slowly-accumulating ideas and detritus, as I feel I'm never going to get any of this stuff worked on any further and it lingering around unfinished is sapping my motivation to start new stuff. Especially with the latest exciting developments in ZDoom, I think any mapping I do from now on should be new, fresh and, perhaps most importantly of all, actually bettering myself as a mapper/games developer.

I'm thinking something like one decent project in a year, as ambitious or whatever as I like. We'll see if I actually do it or not, but at least I've laid the ground work by setting myself free.

Please do provide any feedback you have for this, as I intend to upload the package to /idgames for archiving purposes. In particular, broken things to do with the resources in there or obvious flaws in the newer maps will be happily fixed.

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Thank you for this, I'll flick through these later. It's a real shame that these didn't get finished but I think a lot of us have things we never quite finish or have the desire/motivation to. I always thought "Virus" had a full release? I liked what I played of that. Good luck on your future projects.

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Thanks Springy! Virus was originally intended to have three 10-map episodes (including secret and end sequence levels), with each episode introducing more texture fidelity, more enemies and an additional weapon. However, the idea of drawing out the textures put me off and I've yet to find a suitable set to use in place of making new ones. This re-release of Virus just includes all of the additional enemies and weapons, plus some documentation, so that mappers can use the full set of resources for themselves. That's also why VirusRes.wad is it's own file and the maps and stuff for E1 included as a separate one.

I may yet work with the resources more myself, if I can find sufficiently cartoon-y textures and flats.

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Just a little bump to mention that I've gone through everything aside from Virus again and found a couple of minor problems to fix:

1) Justice had an episode definition for the prequel still, without actually having the map
2) Old Map Compilation MAP07 could become unwinnable if you pressed the two switches to access the blue key in the wrong order
3) Old Map Compilation MAP06 had the key in the large nukage and skin room hidden just behind the pedestal, which is beyond counter-intuitive
4) Old Map Compilation MAP11 could become unwinnable if you went through the volcano successfully but went back there again afterwards (The map is still intentionally unwinnable if you don't successfully make it through the volcano first time, as I'm only fixing actual bugs rather than terrible design)
5) Caleb13 on the ZDoom forums has pointed out to me that two Cacodemons are stuck together on Claws of the Enraged Beast (Slaughter difficulty only)

I've fixed these and reuploaded to my site (using the same link). I'm going to update my website with all the individual links for projects and redo pages where necessary today and test Virus through properly. If all is well, I'll upload to /idgames.

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