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Beta : Sinfun Version 2 Release.

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- after edit :

Sinfun has reached version 2, and now has seven maps.

I also changed some part "slightly", maybe not even noticeable to some,but it was based upon user input and reading around the forum.

The concept remains the same :
The demonic alien influence is spreading faster, which is not what doomguy expected. while the levels go from very short to longer and more difficult, do not get fooled by the initial simple start.

Note : map 1 is intended as a joke, that is why it is so short.

Tested to work on following two doom 2 ports :
- Zdaemon.

- zandronum + brutal doom.
i have found a zandronum + brutal doom bug that changes some thing
id's while zdaemon places the correct ones everywhere.

Dowload link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xds12us1c9mzgn/SinFun-RL2.wad

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i added a few "hellish" walls here and there, but if detail proves to be a point later on, then i will take it into account and add more.

but the bit of simulated ruble, lights, and scrolling walls where all i personally needed.

any input is welcome.

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Only put hellish textures if you're making hellish maps or detailing something like a cathedral, something hellish "out-of-hell".

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not to disrupt reviews or critique which i like to receive,but i feel that i need to explain this a bit.

i am making these based on how doom 2 is perceived by me, a straight to the point shooter that gradually reveals more and more demonic like content, with my maps slightly getting influenced by ID software their maps.

that is what i am attempting to achieve with this, meaning that i want to build up the demonic part sooner, but not instantly.
the levels will also go from fast, small, and easy to bigger and deadlier.

i see no use in making maps, which i enjoy. doing exactly what the original mappers did because it destroys the purpose of hobby level editors.

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I liked that these maps were spartan in their design. They were sleek - no unnecessary elements to detract from classic Doom run-shoot-run gameplay, especially with short maps. I didn't notice the references to the original IWAD; which is good because if there are going to be homages they should be as subtle as possible. I liked the caves in map4 (but not so much the area beyond the red door, which was a little bland compared to the rest of the level).

I think difficulty could be increased - I am a pretty poor player but I still romped through the set in short order with no problems at all. I will definitely play the next levels as they appear - I hope you keep making them.

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version two of Sinfun is available for download.
maps currently go from 1 to 7, meaning that it contains a boss fight.


when i reach the intended 10 maps i will zip this up with a text file.

SinFun Progress Preview :
- added a few details to early test maps.
- changed the part behind the red door of map 4 based upon
a nice review of a player.
- tried to increase the difficulty
- maps are leaving the simple introduction style as planned.
- unless i missed a sector tag, every map now has a secret.

a preview of current progress :

map 08 w.i.p. :

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