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[WIP] PC Speaker Sounds

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Thanks, in general, I think these are really good!

I have a few suggestions:

  • I kind of dislike the shotgun sounds. The SSG reloading sounds are at different pitches, which ultimately means that a short tune plays every time the shotgun reloads. It's rather distracting. Perhaps replace the three reloading sounds with a lower pitched sound, all at the same pitch?
  • The normal shotgun also has an annoying reload sound. Perhaps make the reload parts shorter, or consider just removing the reload part of the sound entirely?
  • Door open/close sounds are too high pitched.
  • The weapon pickup sound is too slow. I think it could be improved by speeding it up.
  • The switch on/off sound that plays when the menu is activated/deactivated is rather annoying. Make it a single tone instead of two?
  • The "oof" sound when you push on a wall is also annoying. I this could benefit from being sped up.
  • Monster death sound (zombies + imps) seems to last a bit too long and is a bit too high pitched.

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