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SolarHell - Episode 1 - version 1.0 beta release!!

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This is a Zdoom project I am working which is a side project of mine. Atm This project is not compatible with Zandronum, though I will make a Zandronum version once I release Episode 2.

The Story
An Io moon base called fort Ironfront has become under siege by rampaging demons that came out of a newly spawned portal outside of it.
The base was saved although many marines and scientists were killed in the battle with the demons. An archvile was captured during the battle and interrogated with psylock technology. The interrogation was an success and revealed that a young spider-mastermind named Grismala was behind the attack.
The portal that is outside of the base cannot be destroyed as long as Grismala lives, so you and the remaining marines have been tasked to go into the portal and track down Grismala and kill her so that the portal can be destroyed without hope of being reopened.
Episode 1: Io Base Revenge - COMPLETE!!! beta link http://www.mediafire.com/?tyw77ci0v5hqo6p

Episode 2: Wake of Destruction - 5%

So far episode 1 is complete which consists of 4 maps.




light_strokes AKA HELL by mindthings
catastrophy AKA D_SLAPP by cheshyre

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Tarnsman said:

But are the final maps on the sun?

The wad title is a combination of solar system and hell =P. You won't actually be battling demons on the sun

LOL!!! No they are not, but that gives me an idea for a secret map now XD

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While playing I noticed small things wrong with the maps like texture clashes such as these:

I also noticed most of the fence textures like this:

There was also not much detail in any of the maps at all and the maps themselves looked thrown together and blocky, but I do understand this is still a beta.
I do think this project has some potential though so keep working on it.

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Ya ill go back and add borders there as well as add more detail to all of the maps.

To all of the people having trouble passing the chasm room in map02, you need to shoot the eye switches to raise the bridge so you can cross to the other room.

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