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Unreal Tournament Stuff I made

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You guys think I could release a small gun thing I made for Doom? I just got UT99 and I ripped some guns from it, I think they look really nice and I even made a map from the xbox version. I don't want to violate the copyright like the last people who did this, but the guns seem really nice. If I upload the wad, then the guns include-
Impact Hammer as Fist
Chainsaw from UT
and Enforcer as pistol
I want to learn how to code or whatever so I can learn how to do the "gansta" firing mode for the pistol, or the Impact hammer stuff. Well, tell me what you think of me uploading it because I don't want to piss ID Software off

Here is the link, I'll take it down whenever I get told to

I am pretty sure the link was took down. Well at least I tried :/

Well, Unreal and Doom are both great games.

Ps - look up UnrealTournamentGunsV5.3.zip for a better wad, I know, I suck, this is my first

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