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Springy's duel map thread.

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Well, kind of cross posting from a couple of other forums here, but I thought I best make a single thread for these here. I'll update this with new (and complete maps) from time to time and hopefully gain some feedback in the process, in order to improve my mapping skills and get a lot more involved with editing (this time without leaving everything and never come back to it again like I have done for the past three years).

These maps will be released separately to begin with, but I am aiming to do a Titan and release a complete compilation with revamped areas and some extra little touches in the end, (maybe with new never before seen textures if I can ever improve in that department). So, I have three maps almost done and another one in progress as of now.



Slam (may get a complete overhaul). Started last year (or was it very early this year, I can't remember), practically finished the other day. The layout (from my past DM days etc) just doesn't feel right to me.

YM (just call it that). Finished the other day.

Your Mum

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Canofbacon said:

Based on the screenshots, it looks pretty good.

Thanks, one is pretty much finished and I got a couple of good comments for the layout (something I am really bad at in the mapping department) on the crudely named map. I would show the new map I'm working on, but it's not at a "visually appealing" stage to be shown yet.

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Arsehole and Aerox are now available at idgames however, they will more than likely get an update as I spotted a couple of things (an alignment problem on Arsehole, not pictured, and an annoying bug on Aerox). I also have something else in production which may shock and (hopefully) please people (in a good way). I am unable to take a screenshot however but I decided to abandon a map I made and use parts of it.

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