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I need some additional help for a DM wad

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Well, I am not the best mapper, but I've been working on a deathmatch wad, and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to contribute... I will show you the demo wads but I am not releasing information right now. I just have been talking to someone on the fourms who has played my last DM Wad, and he guided me through my weak points. Some additional help would be appreciated, and I'd be greatful if you made a map and sent it to me. I am not asking for a lot, and if you decline I can understand.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this message gets some awareness because I have nowhere to go. I feel pathetic because I can't finish the wad by myself. I want to have a big wad and I can't really make a lot of maps.

The back story so far is this is 50 years after my last wad, still same tournament league, but more futuristic. These people want you to be like them and they won't stop until you are. I have a better explanation but I don't want to overwhelm you :P

If anyone has tried the last deathmatch wad, this is different, I mean, I have put stuff in that would improve the gaming. Well, thank you Bloodyacid for giving me help, and everyone who wishes to take part in this, I really appreciate any help at all.

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First of all, this doesn't look like a wad to me. Second, I might be able to contribute but my maps will mostly be suited to duel and FFA for a very limited amount of people. Finally, it would be nice to at least see what you have actually done thus far before anyone thinks of contributing to your "mega cool looking project and what not". Edit: This phone really annoys me at times. Apologies for the list like paragraph.

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