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Open source tools without 3d acceleration list

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Hello again. I notice that most tools for wad editing either have limited linux support (Doom Editor) or required 3d acceleration (opengl for slade3). I was wondering if someone can list the best tools for those who, for whatever reason, run linux without 3d acceleration support.

I know that Eureka is likely the best level editor for this group, but what about tools to replace...say...slade3?

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You could try Doomsday's wadtool -- this is a console application for editing/managing WAD files and naturally doesn't require a graphical rendering context.

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if your linux distro suports it, the easy way out would be :
install dosbox.
which gives you the ability to run ms-dos programs.
and then use an old ms-dos based wad editor or mapper.

(dosbox runs almost anything ms-dos based)

or you could browse to the linux section on this site :

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I work on Linux and I use native tools:

- - I use a version modified for DoomLegacy.
- - I also fixed a few operations to work differently, like delete line

- - nodebuilder

- - Deutex, and a dozen other tools, all work in Linux natively
- - includes a Linux version of bsp and idbsp nodebuilders

- - to make sprites

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