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Help me beat this revenant deathfactory

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I stupidly used oblige to generate a ridiculously, insurmountably and seemingly unbeatable megawad.

Many of the maps I played in it I deemed simply undoable just because of the ludicrous usage of archviles and limited space to meander around them.

However a good bit of them are pretty playable if you can absorb enough damage to reach the starting weapon in the room or some kinda safe zone where you're not totally exposed to enemy attack.

This map in particular -- MAP09 of this megawad (titled "Yet another flagrant realm") is the best example of a map being the absolute hardest without being outright incompletable (by me, anyway)

I've spent hours trying to beat this map, enduring significant amounts of trial and error and so far have calculated a pretty efficient route (but what do I know, I've never really done much speedruns or UV-Maxes)

But anyway, here's the map I opened with this ancient map editor called WADAuthor and drew all over. The pink line is my route so far, the yellow letters are the areas I've screenshotted below of some bullet points I've made.


So far I've found it pretty close to impossible to get the rocket launcher right from the start and get out without being completely surrounded, so I've been doing my best to manipulate the monsters' positions by guiding them around the map with my convoluted circlestrafing scenario described below:

A: glide off the left most revenant's bounding box on it's west side to shimmy into the tunnel.

B: hug or wallrun the left wall and shoot to get that one revenant out of the way so you can reach the door on the right (You don't have to but I find it reduces the probability of getting sacked and it also helps to activate all the ambush monsters around the level)

C: Pray to god that the amount of time spent in that huge northeastern room was enough to direct all the revenants in the starting area up north and clear this path a little. Wall run across the left wall and hope no one blocks your access to the rocket launcher.

After that? I have no idea.

In the demo posted below I've tried circling around the rooms again until I get to that huge marble room area, where I have any breathing room to actually use my rocket launcher without enduring stupid amounts of splash damage to myself. All deaths, save for the second one, were preceded completely by hapless improvising. I haven't really figured out any safe zones, but I've yet to successfully storm the exit area. Looking at it from the editor, it doesn't look too bad.

Here's the wad

revonly.zip (it's titled revonly, despite many of the maps not having revenants at all.)

Anyone wanna try and beat this and show me how it's done? BTW Oblige would be awesome for some of those first try demo challenges.


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Lol map. These crowd control tactics look very time consuming and not that reliable, I found it much easier to just rush to the rocket launcher from the start. It's not impossible, just wait for luck. However, the problem is that all ammo is located in the starting room so at some point you'll have to get back there and dance with the revenants again. Seems doable (if there are enough rockets on the map, not sure about that) but I don't think I want to try it for real. :) Here is some failed attempt...


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I just recorded an 8:36 uvmax demo, and shall only require a payment of $200 to share it. It was a nice relaxing break after many sf2012 map 31 attempts.

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Here's an easy free way to beat it, don't get scammed by the capitalist doomers and remember to vote for abyrvalg in the next elections.

On the demo - i figured out the start with saves, but never tried the final part, hencewhy i resorted to overly paranoid rocketsaving strats in the demo. It appeared to be rather unnecessary :S


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$200 to $0 in 6 minutes; its like a microcosm of what will soon happen to the whole economy. I better share my worse demo now before its value goes negative:

I haven't played oblige since obhack pretty much for some reason, even though its awesome. Better looking than I last remember. That lift had kinda odd behavior, hard to trigger it.

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Damn you guys are good. I tried again at trying to get the rocket launcher right away. After a good 25 attempts, I escaped with it a couple times but I still couldn't hang on long enough to not get three-wayed by some skeletons. Haven't been able to replicate your demos so far. raged out.


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